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The Pastor's Vision

Pastor's Vision

Revelation Christian Center is located in the Hyde Park area of Memphis TN. This community is riddled with drug addiction and sales, illiteracy, crime, poverty, and mental illness.  It would be easy to pack up and look for easier territory, but easy is not what Pastor Guy-Reed is looking for.  He's determined to see change for the better right here in North Memphis because he believes God has placed him here because the common man will hear him gladly because they know he is one of them...Police or Government Programs is not going to revitalize this community only God can.

There are 3 properties located next to the church and at present are only eyesores to the community. Pastor Guy-Reed wants to raise enough money to purchase them, tear them down, and build Revelation Refuge. Revelation Refuge will be a 25 room boarding house with a spa, bible
bookstore, and computer lab.  There will be 24 hour drug classes, GED
classes, mental health counseling, and family guidance classes.  Pastor
Guy-Reed's Vision is to make North Memphis just as desirable as the suburbs
and with your help IT WILL BE DONE!!!!!

Pastor Guy-Reed prays that even if you can't help in person that you plant seed in this fertile ground. THIS IS NOT MY VISION IT'S THE VISION GOD GAVE ME AND HE WILL HONOR YOU HELPING ME TO COMPLETE WHAT HE HAS ASSIGNED ME TO DO.


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