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Revelation Christian Center was founded on January 10, 2000. We started as a ministry by renting space at 789 Alaska St. in Memphis through the House of Prayer, pastored by Dr. R.T. Fouse. After two years of fellowshipping, Sr. Pastor Guy-Reed decided it was time for Revelation Christian Center (RCC) to become totally independent, and he went in search of our own sanctuary. Pastor Guy-Reed continued to hold services in various places while trusting and waiting on God to plant him in one location. On March 1, 2003, God saw favor with Sr. Pastor Guy-Reed and led him to 587 S. Front St. in Memphis. RCC withstood all kinds of trials and tribulations to get to where we are today, which makes it all greater because we have literally seen the power of God taking nothing but vision and turn it into reality. Because of the way RCC was formed, we stand fast in the fact that God is truly the author and finisher of this work because as mere men and women, we could not have pulled this off. 



In February of 2005, God blessed RCC to purchase a church building valued at $225,000 for $10.00. Even with moving from place to place, the general members of RCC never lost hope and God showed the world his favor toward us. Now we are in our own sanctuary at 1561 Boxwood Ave., in Memphis TN, and from here we will further build God's kingdom.


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We are building our web store so that you can purchase anointed and powerful messages on CD,  DVD and books from Pastor Guy-Reed.